The publication is about electric units in the Ostrava region and contains a lot of photos and chapters not yet published, which are complementary to their gradual development until they were put into proper operation in 1965. This publication creates a comprehensive monograph of this series and tries to familiarize the younger generation with the history and also tries to attract their interest in these vehicles.

Price: 100 czk




The brochure deals with the emergence of the Northern Railway of Emperor Ferdinand and its branch line to Opava. This publication complements our exhibition exposition. The reader here discovers the history of the stops and municipalities through which the track passes. And it also includes station plans, documents and photographs from traffic.

Price: 85 czk





The main theme of this second booklet is the centennial of the Sucha-Tesin route and fifty years of construction of the Polanecka rail clutch.

Price: 75 czk

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This publication briefly describes the origin, development and operation of the mining railway in Ostrava. The main theme is the history of towage tracks to mines and races in the Ostrava-Karviná district and their operation in relation to rail transport in the Ostrava region.

Price: 60 czk

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